Marketing your ideas and research

  • The University is committed to transferring the knowledge which staff generate in their work to the wider community.

    The Research and Business Development Office (RBDO) is responsible for protecting the intellectual property and identifying opportunities where good ideas and research can be taken forward to find commercial use or benefit the wider community.

    The University has already negotiated licenses for technology with companies in the USA and Europe and this financially benefits both the University and the inventor by sharing the revenue from the exploitation. Details of the revenue share arrangements are described the University's IP Policy and Regulations.

    If you have an invention or idea that could have commercial value you should complete an invention disclosure form. RBDO will review this and will support you by identifying whether the invention may have some commercial value and identify the most appropriate way of protecting your idea. When the idea is protected we will work with you to see how the idea can be exploited and decide the best route.

    Ideas for creating commercial value may come from all disciplines and may be diverse concepts such as TV programmes, web sites, new publications including websites as well as new technology products and processes.

    If you would like to explore the commercial potential of an idea or project which is likely to require more significant funding , contact the Business Development Office to find out if it could be eligible for HEIF Enterprise Funding.

    For general enquires, please contact the Business Development Office

    Tel: +44 (0)1865 484204